Kelly Hines Blogging Challenge

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I have been waking up early in the morning in the days after New Years, because I suddenly have my teaching mojo back. Thank goodness for long holiday breaks in the dead of winter that give me time to rest, think, and reflect. I have never lost the part of my mojo where I work with my wonderful students, but I had lost the personal drive to keep learning, to share with others and try crazy new things. So I picked up a few books at the library (more on those later) and starting reading  and searching the internet.

One of these early mornings, I found a brief but insightful HuffPost article called Twitter is my Teacher Superpower. I have been taught for so long that as a teacher I should fear social media, but what better way is there to connect to thousands of other teachers, with diverse and innovative ideas about teaching? When I started lurking around Twitter and found many teachers, administrators, and other education professionals, I knew I wanted to become part of this community. I made a Twitter account and handily figured out how to add this button to this blog post: 

After about 12 hours of having a Twitter account, I woke up this morning to discover a Blogging Challenge. This is exactly the start I needed! A series of prompts that will challenge me, keep me reflecting, and also learning new things about my teaching process from my own writing and from the writing of other bloggers.


So I am going to take this challenge to start the new semester off right beginning Monday January 6. I can’t guarantee that I will complete the Blogging Challenge in January, but I am making a resolution to complete the challenge by Valentine’s Day and to then come up with some blogging prompts of my own.


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